Keepsake Urn Sets & Cremation Mini Urns for Ashes

“Grief is in two parts. The first is a loss. The second is the remaking of life,” said by Anne Roiphe.

Losing a loved one can be a very painful thing. The departed individual can be your family, friend, or also your pet. As each day passes by, you miss them more and more, and you are unable to bring them back. But you can still keep a part of them with you as a memory.

In many cases, the family members of the bereaving side want to keep the ashes of the loved ones as a treasure that they can cherish forever. 

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They want to keep it to themselves to aid comfort or remember them.

Peaceful Farewell Ways

 If your family has decided to cremate the remains of your loved ones, then you can opt for small keepsake urns and store a smaller portion of their ashes.This way, you can keep it close to yourself and accept and heal after the departure of them. 

As a matter if fact, you can also get keepsake cremation urn sets and divide among your family members as well. 

In this way, it will always remain close to your heart, and you can pay tribute to the memory of your deceased family member.

A Craft Piece!

We know that finding a keepsake urn is not an easy job. These days, it is extremely tough to pick one among various keepsake urns. You should buy the best one, which will suit your home and the personality of your loved one.

Small keepsake urns are beautifully crafted, very personal, and discreet. 

Moreover, they come in a vast array of materials, designs, colors, and styles. Each of them is made with love by the artists. Apart from that, you can also ask them to customize and write personal messages, dates, or names of your loved ones. 

In this read, we have mentioned the list of some of the top-selling small keepsake urns in the market. We have picked these options based on quality, designs, color, and much more. 

So, by the end of this article, we hope that it makes your decision to buy a small keepsake urn easier in this difficult time.

But firstly, let us get to know more about keepsakes urn and its uses. Below, we have discussed it in detail.

What Is An Urn?

Keepsakes urn is a mini crafted vessel, which is mostly used to hold cremation ashes of your loved ones. You can find a variety of urns in various materials such as metal, marble, as well as wood. 

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Moreover, there are also various types and styles of small keepsake urns for ashes, which you can display at home.

There are also keepsake cremation urn sets that will hold the ashes of different people. You can write their name on it to recognize them easily. 

Special Treatment!

These days, various companies have designed urns sets in different, which can help the customers to pick any one unique set to honor their dear ones.

Why Use a Keepsake Urn?

Are you confused about whether to get traditional urns or small keepsake urns

Then we would suggest you go for smaller ones. Unlike traditional urns, they are less spacious and can be stored anywhere you want. Moreover, it can hold a smaller portion of the ashes of a person.

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In numerous situations, you might consider using a smaller one instead of traditional or larger ones. And sometimes, you would want to keep a smaller portion of ashes close to you in personal keepsake urns to remind you of your loved one. Likewise, the ashes of the deceased person can be shared among different family members.

If ashes have been scattered, then you can keep a smaller portion of it in small keepsake urns and store it as a remembrance of the person. You can also get keepsake urns in decorative styles and colors, which reflects the unique spirit of them.

Now, let us move forward to the next section of the article, where we have share different styles and types of keepsake urns for ashes.

Types of Keepsake Urns

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1. Tiny Platinum Brass Urns:

Small Platinum Brass Urns come in various colors. The best part about this urn is that you can fit it in the palm of your hand. You can also get these handcrafted urns in individual designs and patterns. 

2. White Keepsake Urns:

These ethereal white small keepsake urns have a very elegant look. They look delicate because they are nickel-plated and are finished with pearl. So don’t fall for its delicate appearance because, in reality, they are very durable and solid.

These urns also come with an elegant velvet case, which completes the entire look. This white keepsake urn is not only luxurious but also convenient to store in your room.

3. Classic Blue Keepsakes Urns:

These small keepsake urns are perfectly handcrafted and are coated with blue color. Blue urn is unique, and the finishing touches give it a very shiny and smooth feel. 

Some blue urns also have silver engraving and have swirls of deep blue, which gives them a look of elegance and beauty. If you want then, you can customize each blue urn in a different design, and your family members can pick any urn they like. Moreover, you can also keep these blue urns in the room as a display or your bedroom as room decor.

4. Golden Brass Keepsake Set:

Many people love this set of solid golden brass urns. An engraved design, golden, and a pewter finish give these keepsakes a traditional as well as a classy look.

They are perfectly crafted just for the customers, so they are durable and heavy-duty. If you are looking for a mini urn, then these golden urns are best for you. However, it will hold only a tiny portion of ashes.

It is a great choice for people who live in larger families and want to keep the ashes of their deceased members as a memory. Besides, it will take only a tiny space in your room.

So these were our top four picks of keepsake cremation urn sets, which you can easily get online or from offline stores. In the next section, we will talk about single keepsake urns.

 So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Single Keepsake Urns

You can get a single keepsake urn if your closed one has passed away and you wish to store their ashes close to you. Below we have listed some of the most bought single keepsakes for ashes, so continue scrolling.

1. Christ Bronze Keepsake:

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If you are a christ believer, then you can get a keepsake urn that has a cross design engraved in it. The design will stand out, and the brass will make it look like a historic design.

Aside from this, the brushed bronze finish will add more finish to the urn. It is the perfect way to keep your loved one close to you in a simple yet stylish keepsake urn. One plus point about this is that you can keep it for years. It won’t tarnish or rust. Want to know why? Because it is made up of 100 percent brass.

2. Brown and Gold Urn:

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The combination of gold and brown urn looks classy and elegant, right? We assure you that the earth design and the combination of these two materials will make it look like a masterpiece. Moreover, it will bring peace to your heart and remind you of your closed one when you look at this tiny urn.

You can use this urn for not only your family member but also store the remains of your pet. You can ask the manufacturer to make a smaller version of the keepsake and store the remains of your pet and your closed one at your home.

3. Aluminium and Wood Urn:

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You can get this handmade wood and aluminum urn crafted by a professional artisan. The design of the wood will a polished look. It is best in its way because the traditional and subtle look will complement any home decor. You can keep this small urn in your office or next to a framed photograph at home.

4. Silver Keepsake Urn:

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Silver keepsake is as sturdy as it is beautiful. If you are looking for a beautiful urn to keep it at a display, then buy this urn. It will complete the look of your house, on top of that, you won’t have to worry about breakage by kids and pets, because it is made up of 100 percent silver. If you wish, then you can keep it minimalist by giving simple three black lines. So get this customized elegant silver keepsake urn now.

Did you find this article helpful? We hope, you did! 

In the end

We hope, it will be easier for you to buy any set of keepsake urns based on design, sizes, shapes, as well as colors. 

Share this special love and cherish the memories with your family. These urns will not only comfort you but also look beautiful in your house. So hurry up and get yours now.

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