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Explore the colorful layers of the aura and discover how they reflect our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


Uncover the art of spellcasting, from ancient incantations to modern magical practices, and their transformative powers.


Explore the mysterious world of dreams, their meanings, and how they connect us to our deeper selves.


Dive into the healing power of Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

Death Rituals

Delve into the diverse cultural practices and ceremonies surrounding death and the afterlife from around the world.


Learn about the chakras, key energy centers in the body, and how to balance them for enhanced health and harmony.

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We’re glad you’re here! At Research2000s, our goal is to help you learn about some really interesting and mystical topics. We focus on things like the energy fields around us (auras), different customs people follow when someone dies (death rituals), how to use spells, understanding the energy centers in your body (chakras), healing through touch (Reiki), the meanings behind your dreams, and the benefits of meditation.

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